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About Us

At Bend, we're all about helping you move and feel better, regardless of your age or physical abilities. We know staying active and healthy is important, so we use different therapies and programs to speed up your recovery and get you back to doing the things you love!

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Zero Gravity Treadmill, LightForce® and Iron Neck®, we can help you recover from injuries and improve your overall physical health. And if you're dealing with balance issues, our high-low tables and US/E-Stim unit will make you feel steadier on your feet.

Our therapists are highly trained in many areas, such as sports therapy, post-operative orthopedics, dry needling, and chronic pain therapy. We specialize in treating vertigo and vestibular hyper- and hypofunction, which can be common issues as we age. We know how disorienting and uncomfortable these can be, so we work closely with our patients to help them feel more balanced.

We're also certified in LSVT BIG, which is a specialized therapy for people with Parkinson's disease. We have a passion for helping those with neurological conditions, and we've seen firsthand the positive impact that therapy can have on their lives.

We believe age is just a number and that anyone can benefit from physical therapy. That's why we're here to help you stay active and healthy, so you can continue to enjoy all the things you love, no matter what stage of life you're in. Give us a try and see the difference physical therapy can make in your life!

Which Physical Conditions Can We Treat?

physical therapist helping a patient walk during a session

Individual Therapy

physical therapist stretching a patient's leg

If you’ve recently been through surgery or have suffered from a severe injury, you can also stop by our practice and receive post-surgical care or manual therapy to help you get back up on your feet.

Sports Therapy

As an athlete or active person, you understand the importance of taking care of your body. Our physical therapy services can help you prevent injuries, recover faster, and perform at your best. We provide additional services like:

Neurological Conditions

The healing powers of physical therapy don't stop at your muscles and joints. Our experts at Bend Physical Therapy also use cutting-edge technology to help patients with neurological disorders.

Using an HD TV and an interactive touch screen, the Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator is a multi-sensory technology that combines eye-hand coordination, cognitive processing, and balance tracking to help patients develop and enhance these abilities. Thanks to this system, patients with Parkinson’s disease and other conditions can regain some mobility, balance, and muscle control.