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Technologies that stimulate muscles and joints have transformed exercise, recovery, and medical treatments.

Various innovative technologies have emerged to revolutionize how we exercise, recover, and receive medical treatments, from zero gravity treadmills to US/E-Stim Units.

Zero gravity treadmills use differential air pressure to reduce the impact of gravity on the user's body. By creating a lifting force with air, they simulate a weightless environment. LightForce® technology employs a laser that emits specific wavelengths that penetrate the skin, activating biochemical processes within the cells. Iron Neck® devices consist of a helmet connected to a resistance band system, enabling users to perform controlled exercises that target the neck muscles. Balance treadmills incorporate a dynamic base that moves in response to the user's movements, challenging balance and stability while walking or running. Finally, US/E-Stim units produce ultrasound waves that penetrate tissues to deliver heat and electrical currents to stimulate nerves and muscles.

patient using technology to alleviate their leg pain

Innovative technologies like zero gravity treadmills and high-low tables have improved physical therapy.

the boost 2 microgravity treadmill

Physical therapy is an ever-evolving field, so therapists incorporate the latest advancements in technology to maximize the benefits and tailor the approach to each patient.

For instance, zero gravity treadmills use air pressure to simulate exercising in zero gravity conditions, reducing the impact on joints. LightForce® is another technique that applies low-force pressure to stimulate the body's natural healing response. Additionally, the Iron Neck® strengthens the neck and spine through adjustable resistance bands. Balance treadmills and high-low tables can help improve balance and stability while accommodating patients' needs. US/E-Stim units use ultrasound and electrical stimulation to promote healing and reduce pain.

Jeremy Renner aka "Hawk Eye" using the Boost 2 Zero Gravity Treadmill brought him back to health after a horrific accident. Bend Physical Therapy is the only practice in South Florida with this machine!

physical therapist helping a patient stretch her leg

Our technology helps us identify and target your needs to help you achieve your health goals.

At Bend Physical Therapy, we use technology to execute a treatment plan that helps patients recover from sports injuries, orthopedic conditions, walking difficulties, and more.

After some one-on-one sessions, we can track progress, make adjustments, and provide more efficient therapy sessions, leading to better outcomes for patients. For example, using zero gravity treadmills can reduce joint impact during exercise and allow patients with joint pain or mobility issues to exercise more comfortably; using LightForce® chiropractic adjustments can help reduce pain and inflammation in patients with musculoskeletal issues. Different technologies also help us improve patient communication, as we can better educate them on their conditions and treatment options. Thanks to our technology and physical therapy, people suffering from painful conditions can speed up their recovery and enhance their health.